The Approach for Water Efficient Crops

Genome-to-phenome (G2P) breeding is an integrated crop improvement approach developed by G2P Bridge project partner, Corteva Agriscience. The approach integrates crop modeling, genomic prediction, and managed stress phenotyping to accelerate gain in crop improvement. The project will demonstrate the broader applicability of the G2P approach for water-limited yield improvement using sorghum as a model.

irrigated sorghum.jpg

Crop modeling is used to identify water efficient traits and environments that are targeted in the managed stress experiments. The crop model will be calibrated by both genomic predictions, and field data from the managed stress trials.


​​The crop model will be supported by managed stress experiments. The experiments will be designed to represent stress in target water-limited environments. Field experiments will be executed in California, Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas.

genetic diversity.PNG

​​The G2P Bridge breeding approach will target two traits for enhanced water efficiency; (1) early planting of chilling tolerant hybrids, shifting the season to an early and more favorable environmental water demand, and (2) dense planting of stay-green hybrids, shifting effective water use later through the season.